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Nunchuk & Remote Game Controller Bundle for Nintendo Wii (White, bulk packaged)

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Product Information:

  • Color : 100% White as pictured
  • Package Includes : Nunchuk Controller and Remote Controller Set for Nintendo Wii Game Console bulk packaged – Remote + Nunchuk wrapped in white EPE foam inside PE bag
  • Remote with fabric strap and Nunchuk Controller Set
  • Accessible to people of all ages and all abilities
  • You can play multiplayer games with an extra Nunchuk & Remote Controller set

Item Description

High quality, includes fabric wrist strap for secure and safe game play. Easy to learn for all ages. Remote and Nunchuk Controller is NOT manufactured by Nintendo. You may play multiplayer games now by adding another Remote controller and Nunchuk to your Wii console – Your Wii console supports of to 4 Remotes and 4 Nunchuks when all paired together. Completely white controller as pictured. Wii Motion Plus which may be necessary to play some games is not included.

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