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PlayStation Move 6-In-1 Competition Sports Pack

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Product Information:

  • A total of six accompanying attachment heads allow for immersive one-on-one tennis, ping-pong and golf
  • Attachment heads are easily swappable, depending on the need and the game
  • Made of high quality and ultra-lightweight plastic for maximum comfort and durability

Item Description

The PlayStation Move is only the first step towards a completely immersive gameplay experience. The 6-in-1 Competition Sports Pack is designed to help you truly get inside the action. Created for fans of multiplayer sports games, each assortment includes two base cradles that hold the Motion Controller along with a variety of attachment heads. These heads are easily interchangeable, to suit whatever the need on-the-fly. Included are two tennis rackets for two player virtual tennis, 2 golf clubs, for that heated showdown on the fairway, and 2 ping-pong paddles for head-to-head table tennis. Package Includes : 2 Base cradles for two PlayStation Move Motion Controllers 2 Tennis racket heads, 2 Ping-pong paddle heads and 2 Golf club heads

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